raburabu [i rabu you THIS MUCH]

Tenimyu Shitenhouji fangirling, scroll past if not interested/don't want to be spoiled :D

Ooh, I spent the whole night yesterday watching Shitenhouji myu. Best Tenimyu musical so far, in my opinion. I laughed so much at the Shitenhouji team. ♥ Myu ramblings:

1. KANSAI-BEN EVERYWHERE! Well, Shitenhouji team is from Oosaka, soooo. Even their song has Kansai-ben! I read somewhere a long time ago that Kansai-ben sounds rude to most, but I like the sound of it.

2. There's actually a Sakuno! Suddenly we have a female character in Tenimyu! Played by a boy, much to the audience's amusement.

3. Momo and Kaidou's match. "MASAKA, HOMO?" *dies* The mo was mouthed, but the ho was very loud.

4. M-my love for Shiraishi. Oh no. Must keep it within control. Manga made me *_*, his seiyuu (from the Tenipuri 100 Song DVD) is kinda cute, and now an adorable actor... bad, very bad for my health. He matches Atobe in terms of sexiness. (I think he has a Valentine Kiss single too, right?)

5. YUUTA~ His determined and emo Fuji is v.v. good! A big change from the girly smiley Fuji from Imperial Presence myu. It's kinda strange because I thought Fuji is overly popular which was why I don't really care about him, but for somehow I ended up liking a Fuji actor.

6. And I don't know why, but I like it when they cry live. Makes me go awwww at Seigaku when they cried during Oretachi no Aikotoba. Dai-chan couldn't even sing his lines, and Teyu Kon (since he's Korean, I don't know if that's his full name or really his name...) had a hard time trying to sing his lines after that. ;w; Yuuta is the only one who didn't cry. So brave. Read: I'm kinda disappointed, but oh well, chances of him crying in DL6th is higher Shougo crying made me go ;w; too.

7. Oh, Shitenhouji cast is so so so very lovely and by that, I mean that they are totally gay for Shiraishi one another. (Suddenly I can see Shiraishi x Kenya!) I love Seigaku, but Shitenhouji's the sexier team, sorry to say. I can't describe Shitenhouji in one word. Crazy, ridiculous, gay, hilarious and of course, sexy. And so many left-handed players.

8. ...I didn't pay attention to the guests. *SHOT* I didn't know Oshitari Yuushi has a cousin in Shitenhouji! When I skimmed through the Shitenhouji arc in the manga, I was "Hahaha this Kenya guy has the same surname as Oshitari Yuushi!" but it never crossed my mind that they could be related. I started reading the arc from the chapter where they were selecting the players, so I missed the scene with the phone call between the cousins.

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Ok, I'll buy this DVD instead of I.P. Tokyo Final~ I want Ecstasy and Boku wa Kawaru solos in DL6th now. And please return your auto-copy function, Photobucket. All that copying and pasting is a pain.

Last but not least.

365 Toy Project #021
Yami~ Too bad much of the flash bounced off her, making her look as pale as a ghost.

Variant, you can change her right hand for a scythe thingy.

My Togainu no Chi and Hakuouki books from Yes-Asia still haven't arrived. Back to twiddling my thumbs waiting for them or something...
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deded [sleeeeepy]


Yesterday parents were away so it was an opportunity to sneak in figures. Besides, a few days ago La Tendo sent an e-mail that if we collect/buy two certain items during this weekend period, we'll get an additional 20% off. One of the two items was my Yami figure. Sigh. I sacrificed payment for my Reader's Digest bill as well as a fraction of hubbeh's bill to buy Yami first. Had initially put Yami under my April salary budget b-but can't miss out on the discount. Thanks a million to understanding hubbeh as always. ♥

Also collected my Talho figure from hubbeh after a month or something. Heh.

And this also came in yesterday!
Yeah, Haruka 3 + Izayoiki for PSP. Nevermind that I haven't completed the PS2 version.

I was lying down on my bed when Aniki came into my room and dumped it near me and I was like, "FINALLY!" Haven't started on it since I was playing Corda the whole of yesterday.

Youko~ I know my 365 Toy Project pics are kinda... stale lately since they're always of Nendoroids and figmas but I'm too lazy to take out my scaled figures. (As for the ones which are out of their box, they need dusting...)

And finally opened up the box with black hair!Shana. Since my red, flaming hair!Shana is in a fighting stance, black hair!Shana gets kinda feminine-ish one? Oh the background is from Yuuta's SUNDAY PV DVD.

365 Toy Project #019
Flame Haze/Enpatsu Shana now.

Figmas! Haruhi and Mikuru in baseball gear, while the BFFs in the background are just wondering who the Mikuru is gonna beat up with the bat.

- Replaying Persona 4 now, second cycle. I freak out whenever I open chests because there's a chance the Reaper might jump out, even though there should be a warning before the Reaper pops out. I'm actually kinda lazy training up so I drag my high-level Personas with me (even though I was only at level 14 or something). My Level 99 Lucifer is so useful because of its Victory Cry. I get my teammates to use non-SP attacks while I abuse SP attacks. Equip Lucifer for one easy battle and my HP and SP are restored back to full after that. And using Bufudyne on the mini-boss in Yukiko's castle amuses the hell out of me. Instant K.O.!

- Also playing Tsukimori's route in Corda ~forte~ now. (Because my Haruka 3 PSP game has yet to arrive. Haha.) After this maybe I'll go for Fuyuumi and Etou at the same time. And I wanna replay some girlfriend routes in ~Encore~.

- 07-Ghost episode 1. THE LACK OF HAKUREN IN THE OP SADDENS ME. Hmm the animation quality in 07-Ghost is a lot better than say, Vampire Knight, even though it's the same studio. Or maybe that's because my raw is of mega HQ quality. I'm kinda disappointed that the humour from the first chapter is missing in the first ep (I was looking forward to the "CHIBI" Zaiphon thing). Here's hoping Kapitel 2 will be funny, because yeeeay Bishops~ Frau and his ero-hon. ♥
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happy! [the simple things]

S-shorts and boots combi SOB

So those Cast Prix scans of Kuromyu... Shougo looks good with mascara slapped on his eyelashes T_Tb IS NOT A PEDO

There were some new ads at various train stations and one of them being about creativity.

Ad: The shell of an ostrich's egg is as thick as a lawyer's skin...

Went to BT today to pick up my figmas.
I don't like SHnY but I like figma! *facepalm*

And today kitaaaaaaa:
My Yuuuuuuuta SUNDAY and Setsuna Mamo's BREAK CDs! I remembering snorting when I saw this picture comparing Yuuta with FFVII AC's Reno from dilettantka's Twitter. (And Yuuta, it's kinda obvious that the photo inside is photoshopped 8D;;)

I bought CD+DVD versions so yeay DVDs with song PVs! The start of Yuuta's SUNDAY PV is... uh. *dies laughing at the snoring and the many keitai* holy shit shorts and boots are not a good combi

Gackt's CD is glowinglotus' though. :D Gackt is so pretty, I like his contact lenses. (Photo at the back of the CD, the CD is still sealed.) But I can't see any make-up on him in the PV, or maybe because my version of the PV rip sucks. I went DDD: at my Mamo CD because I thought the case was cracked, but it turned out to be a printed cracked effect on the booklet cover. Well, the album title is called "BREAK" after all... =w=;
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biku! [eh...?]

TnC game = HUHHHHH?

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Aaaanyway out of the three routes I've played so far I like Rin's best. I love how FukuJun played him, from a nice boy to totally yandere, especially when he attacks Akira to steal his tag. ♥

Playing Haruka 4 now, I don't want to complete TnC so soon. Not when the bill for it hasn't come in. |D;
Four more guys to go, unless you count in the sub characters' endings. (Why does Kazahaya look so emo? Is it because I haven't gotten his TRUE!11! ending? Finally figured out Oshihito's sakura ending, so troublesome.

Toy Project #016, then!
My Zetsubou Sensei Nendoroid comes with a rope lolol.

Dun dun dun!
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food [eat and be quiet]

Alright, no more spending using my salary for March...

I will assume Gundam 00 fans on my flist have seen the last episode. If not, oops. But anyway, one of the retarded conversations with younger bro:

Me: Why are they all alive? I'm still waiting for an explanation on how they survived Season 1 (sans Neil) and now they need to give me an explanation on how they survived Season 2 too!
Otouto: Uhuhuhu.
Me: I heard they're gonna fight aliens in the movie.
Otouto: Seriously?
Me: Well, you know the second-last episode? Something about "dialogues with aliens to come"? So people are saying that they're gonna fight aliens in the movie.
Otouto: Are you sure the aliens part is not for the SEED movie?
Me: Why SEED movie?
Otouto: Because... well.

Well you see, my younger bro once opened a folder of a certain Athrun doujin which teletha scanned on my old laptop and "space whale" is forever planted in his brain. :( You see, in the doujin, Archangel gets swallowed by a giant space whale, the male pilots go out to investigate and the whale's intestines attempt to badtouch only the guys with SEED Mode ability. PLOT? WHAT PLOT?

And stuff from today:
Bought these little retards off someone from SGcafe~

Collected this from sai_rin! PS let's meet up on that day, I have no idea how to get to Esplanade from the MRT station...

I'll be honest: I haven't played a single FF game and I don't know any music from the game other than One-Winged Angel.

And collected this after meeting up with sai_rin:
And ZETSUBOU SHITAAAA I'm gonna go broke soon.

The guy at the shop is starting to recognise me. Uh-oh. I entered the shop, and he brought up the two new figmas I had pre-ordered and plopped them on the counter. O_o Unfortunately due to The Rise of the Yen, the price was higher, so I only paid part of the price (I had withdrawn the exact pre-order price from my bank account so I didn't have enough with me) and told him I'll collect them on another day.

Oh yeah!
Togainu no Chi: Yukihito route completed!!! I guess Yukihito is more of a "friend" than a lover in the game. No kiss scene for him, darnit, and his route is more of a "help/save Akira" thing.

EVEN THE OYAJI HAS A KISS SCENE! No fair. :( Yes, I accidentally entered the Oyaji route for my second gameplay instead of Rin's orz

I love Akira. He's not that submissive of an uke and even if he's the uke in the game, and he actually speaks in a bitchy tone sometimes. His yamete's and iya da's in H scenes in the drama CDs have a manly bit to them, and he still can speak his mind. Although his saying, "Go ahead and kill me." and "Do whatever you like." after that ends up in Shiki raping him because, "The one who said Do whatever you like was you, wasn't it?" =w=; I tried not to grin while listening to that on the train trip to work ahahaha.
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whateverrrrr [feh]


First of all, Gundam 00's final episode? Sunrise is indeed a troll. XD Everybody's reaction (on the comm) made me lol so bad though.

+ Happy Melissa & ._. Tsukasa = Toy Project #015! I loled at the sticker saying, "Bouryoku (violent) and GUROTESUKU (grotesque) scenes" 8D;;

I could've played TnC yesterday but nooo didn't check my mailbox a second time. I checked around 12.30pm but it was empty, so I thought it would arrive on Monday, so I didn't bother checking again. And then when I got back from religious class today, I opened the mailbox again to find the PA box. T___T

Playing Togainu no Chi halfway now, where the heck is seme Shiki. Yukihito's saying "What the hell is that, what kinda joke is that?" I think this was when Akira said his drawings look alive.

Yukihito: Can you move?
Lying pretty in the rain~ I don't know if I'm entering Yukihito's route now, but I think so? Since he's everywhere now. I wanted to go for Shiki first, but I guess I'll play along.

Yukihito's pretty cute anyway and it doesn't hurt to hear Kamiya Hiroshi's voice. XD And I thought Rin would be one of the psychotic baddies because of that CG of him playing with a camera with dead people around him, but he turned out to be a nice boy. At least, so far. I installed the PC version xaevyn gave me a loooong time ago, but couldn't play it. Some wrong settings? Checking the help page now, looks like I need Daemon Tools but there isn't none for Vista. Gargh.

HorribleSub's... subs of Corda ~Second Passo~ Quick thoughts as I went along watching the episode:

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what is this shit [what talkin' j00]

Mostly figure-related chitchat

Last ep of Gundam 00 this Sunday, and Natsume Yuujinchou the day after. Wahhh. If the rumours about the last episode of Gundam 00 is true, then Sunrise is really a troll. =_=; Spring anime lineup doesn't look too interesting for me. I'll watch 07-Ghost, yeah, and maybe Pandora Hearts since I stopped reading the manga. I don't know if I should watch Hayate no Gotoku or not, since I didn't finish watching the previous season, but it was an amusing series and I like the censorship on purpose... so I guess I would?

My budgeted expenditure using my salary for March was still so-so, until I went to Play-Asia's site yesterday morning and THEY WERE HAVING A SALE *A*!!! Actually I was looking at Toro plushies and an Elwing figure I wanted, but I checked the games section anyway and discovered that Togainu no Chi PS2 game was on sale for US$45 OFF!!! That's a BIG discount!

Needless to say I quickly e-mailed glowinglotus to help me order. Along with the Koei Best edition of Haruka Maihitoyo. Suefumi~ Koei Best editions are so much cheaper than the originals, and an additional discount at that, so I couldn't resist. Two games I've been eyeing since August last year for less than US$50, not bad.

Kino stuff:
NTR + LaLa + VK fanbook + Corda Vol 12. (Not a big fan of Yunoki, but prettiest cover ever~) Land of the Blindfolded was bought from another bookstore in a mall, because Mom called me to buy printer catridges for sis and her last-minute things to print =_=

Manga chapters in LaLa... for Natsume Yuujinchou, I almost teared up when Natsume pleaded with the Fujiwara couple that he wanted to stay with them. For Corda, the first half is a bit TsuchiHino, and the last part is TsukiHino. Tsukimori finally drops the "ryuugaku" bombshell on Hino. No Kaji lately, but well, he had a whole volume all to himself, and I love TsukiHino anyway. But lol shoe. Haven't seen KwMs! and Ouran chapters.

No ASUKA issue, because it would only arrive tomorrow. That means yet another Kino trip tomorrow. I'm kinda tired, but I have to buy ASUKA for Code Geass (even though the manga is kind of fail), Barajou no Kiss and Momogumi PLUS Senki chapters! Oh geckguga, I scanned Chapters 7 and 8 of Barajou no Kiss for you~ Chp 7 has your fave guy, Chp 8 has my fave guy. I haven't resized and uploaded the scans though. Sorry ^^;

I also saw two issues of PatiPati or whatever it's called. The one with Yuuta and his BFF on the cover. B-but the price wrrrry.

And stupid mail-order only items from Newtype:

Kino stuff from Wednesday:
The Blood+ novel was actually hidden. The fool who hid it probably has not heard of the term "reservation counter". His/her loss is my gain. :D

Oh yeah, games = toys, right? So Toy Project #14!!!
Here be the proof of Koei's Evil! And if games are not counted, there's always Miku. :D And you can see my damaged!Neo Angelique box huh. It was already damaged when delivered.

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what is this shit [i hate brats]

Nothing intelligent to say here.

Today is one of my original characters' birthdays! I created him along with SEVEN others when I was 15, so I'm attached to all eight characters. =w=;

Hiroshi~ Quick sketch of him from a few days ago. I haven't doodled him for a long time, so something's a little off...

And then I played Sims 2 yesterday. I'm a dork who created Sims versions of all eight! His family is supposed to consist of him + mother + stepfather + stepsis, but since he's a nice boy, I thought it'll be cute if he has another sibling by his mom + stepfather...
And thus, a little sister! AREN'T THEY CUTE TwT

And then for some reason my laptop switched off by itself while I was playing. So here's Maritan to reflect my mood.
Yes, that's her Third/Middle Finger. The funny thing is, I bought Maritan because she looks like another one of my original characters. Hiroshi's girlfriend, at that.

Oh, the shot from Sims 2 was screencapped, which was why it looked kinda stretched vertically. Normally I would do a photo capture within the game itself, but for some reason, the pictures are now all funky and grey. Geh. I didn't mess up my options in Sims 2, so I wonder why it's like that...?

And today KITAAAAAAAA. I don't know what that Not For Sale CD is; I wasn't expecting that. I also haven't opened it yet, will listen to it later.

Trying to figure out how to play this. Stupid Kei noticed I wore the same thing for two dates in a row. And "this day is finally over... -_-" after a date. Okay, maybe I picked the wrong options but WHY SO BITCHY. *goes back to playing Corda instead*

Dragonball movie? I don't know the animanga canon, but the movie version was hilarious. As someone who doesn't know a thing about the series, I find it so cheesy that it's entertaining. Think of it as tokusatsu on the big screen? I mean, I don't bat an eyelid at "YOU MUST HAVE FAITH/BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" kinda stuff in animanga, but when they're said out in live-action movies, it's sooooo funny. I think the three of us were laughing throughout the movie.

I'm wtf at the romance though. And the ending. Oh, stay till the end of the credits if you want to see a very, very anti-climatic ending. XD I guess you will hate the movie if you are a Dragonball fan, but if you're going in with a "this is pure comedy" mindset, I think you'll enjoy it.

Yue-hubbeh and I exchanged also Tenimyus, so I've finally seen the Tokyo version of Imperial Presence myu. I prefer the camera angles/editing for most of the songs in the 4A version, but I like the Tie-Break number more in Tokyo version. The match between Atobe and Ryouma seem fiercer there. And the way the two of them collapse look more real too. And yeay backstage. I love backstage vids.

Shougo~ I'm such a pedo ;_; And which volume of the manga is this? Ryouma lying down? Yeahhhh 8D pedo

Yuuta the wimp beautiful. You call this a stretching exercise? While lying on the ground? 8Db

Ooishi Trio ♥♥♥♥ SOCKS. SOCKS.

I'm so gonna miss 4th Gen Seigaku when they're gone after DL 6th. Haven't seen the musical with 5B yet. glowinglotus said that her dream is to see a Katou Kazuki live once, as for me, I want to see a Tenimyu show once. Maybe I'll be in my late 20s by the time they have enough material to start a musical for Shin Tenipuri, and I'll still be perving over 17-year-old boys prancing around on the stage. T____T
weirdness [oshit i need the loo]

New figures

Figure-related post! Took half a day off work for Operation Sneaking In Figures. Yeahhh. At the cost of $26, I travelled from workplace to La Tendo, collected my figures, and then travelled back home. (In short, I took cabs, so I could sneak in my figures before Mom reaches home.)

Stuff collected from Black Technology on Wednesday:
Tsukasa and Youko Nendoroids <3 And no, I still haven't seen a single episode of Lucky Star or know what it's about. I just like Tsukasa. impulsive buyer

Toy Project #11:
My younger brother was the one who messed around with Youko's ponytail and did that =w=;

Black hair!Shana arrived yesterday! And I still haven't opened her box.

La Tendo stuff today:
Haruka 3 figures (Kurou, Hinoe and Benkei) + Maritan Nendoroid

Toy Project #12. Pic taken today!
No prizes for guessing which part of Lelouch figma they're aiming at. >:D

And then collecting Talho figure from Yue-hubbeh tomorrow... ehehe. That's a lot of stuff in a week. Probably beat that figurine whoring time back in Nov. I'm also broke now, but that's because I had budgeted the Tsukasa and Maritan Nendoroids for my March salary. Since I've bought them now (eating into Feb's salary), that frees up my budgeted expenditure for March salary! Yaaaay.
raburabu [here for you]

Heavy Raaaaaain

Mother-son rabu again!

365 Toy Day #009 (I actually lost count already...)
Mama gives a massage! (And figma Lelouch gets tortured in the background. Refer to this post :D)

Part 2: A close-up of Ruruushu's not!smelly foot. He bathes in lavendar + milk everyday. *sporked*

365 Toy Project #010
Ruruushu and his favourite toy ♥

In other news, I asked glowinglotus to help me pre-order Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love Plus ;w; I've always wanted to try out the game, and 1st Love Plus will be fully voiced, so yay!

Also watching Dragonball movie this Sat with glowinglotus and summer88~ then we're gonna elbow our way through the crowd at the IT Fair, and go to Kinokuniya because they'll be having a 20% discount. Who says money cannot buy (some) happiness?